FROM INNER WAR TO WHOLENESS - Discover the Path to Inner Peace and Fulfillment. (Motivation & Self-efficiency) Saghi is the living proof that it is possible to free yourself from a lifetime of accumulated stress and trauma and create a life that deeply fulfills unleashes the Power to Heal and Thrive with your Soul's purpose!



DARE TO FEEL IT ALL! - Why it is important to receive the messages of your body's wisdom . (Somatic Healing & Empowerment) The vision of a woman expressing her feminine primal power is the strongest fuel to inspire millions of hearts and ignite a sustainable transformation!


THE FIRST FREE WOMAN. - How to alchemize the wisdom of the ancestors (Overcoming Generational Trauma) Release the shackles of self-perception and embrace the liberation of your true essence. Give up who you thought you were, for the brilliance you've always been meant to embody.


1000 AND ONE MIGHTS! - Your Feminine primal power is the source of abundance (Vision, Story & Visibility) - It is your foundation for who you truly are and how to create an Impact for a healing future with full energy, clarity and confidence! In your feminine primal power you have multitude of possibilities, strengths, or potential courses of action.

About Saghi

Saghi Sayyar is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of kri.eight – a transformative force with over two decades of expertise in film, media, healing, and transformational work. Saghi sees the Big Picture and takes heartfelt action that encourages hearts, liberates Bodies and inspires Souls.

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Her name is pronounced ‚Sari,‘ which means ‚the one who pours the pure wine‘ in Persian. On Paper, she blends German, English, and Iranian. Her remarkable journey began in the 80s when, as a child, she experienced the harsh realities of war in Iran. Fleeing to Germany marked the initiation of Saghi’s path to connecting the dots to self-healing. This diverse background has shaped her into a lifelong seeker of peace and an expert in trauma healing, self-empowerment, and self-realization. 

Saghi’s holistic VISIONFILMS serve as a potent medium to inspire millions of hearts and drive sustainable change. This transformative experience has motivated her to empower and guide other women on their journeys. As a trauma-informed body energy healer, speaker, and author Saghi is committed to helping highly skilled women embody their vision, leading heartfelt, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

In addition to her mission, Saghi is a passionate supporter of the international female empowerment community, WOMEN’S HUB, where she serves as a mentor, guide, and Host of WOMEN’S HUB MUNICH life events. Her vision is to initiate a WOMEN’S HUB IRAN as soon as there is a #freeiran, and she is already in contact with financial supporters!

Saghi, living in a 13-year interdependent relationship, is a conscious non-mom dedicated to creating a life-worthy and free world for future generations. She invites others to join her on this profound journey of transformation, and healing, impacting clear communication, synergies, and the world at large.

Feel free to connect for Public Speaking, Podcasts, Events, and Shows that spotlight Self-empowerment and leadership, collective and individual trauma healing or Healing through True Body Intelligence, heartfelt visibility, and intuitive creativity.

Founder, Creator, Healer, Visionary

About Saghi's Vision


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VISIONFILM. What started with producing holistic VISIONFILMS with her dedicated network of kri.eightives grew to a bigger mission advocating radical honesty and authenticity in communication and also guiding and empowering female entrepreneurs on their healing, and vision embodiment journey.

HEALING. As a trauma-informed body energy healer, speaker, and author, she guides highly skilled women to embody their vision and lead heartfelt, balanced, fulfilling lives — a mission reflected in her brand SAGHI SAYYAR

COMMUNITY. Saghi is a passionate supporter, mentor, guide and Host of the international female empowerment community, WOMEN’S HUB. Her vision is to initiate a WOMEN’S HUB IRAN as soon as there is a #freeiran. She has already begun exploring possibilities with potential investors.

INSPIRATION. Frequently, she also speaks publicly as an film professional, holistic healer and Vision Embodiment expert about her visionary journey towards self-healing, leadership, visibility and the innate primal power of femininity.

AT THE CORE. Saghi recognized the immense power within each of us. An innate force to shape our reality through our inner imagery, beliefs, and aspirations. Imagine the boundless possibilities once we dare to create new insights and stories, ushering into a fresh, liberated, healed world. That’s worth stepping on the roads less travelled!

ON A MISSION. Everything Saghi touches is passionately driven by honest, profound, and value-driven self-expression that contributes to a better society, environment, and a brighter future. This is an expression of her very heart and soul – the same as it’s for you with your unique Soul Essence and entrepreneurial Spirit!


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