Nothing is more powerful

than your Vision to change the World!

That's why at the Heart of New Age, we don’t Predict the Future. We kri.eight it!


Authentic Visionary Leadership, Embodiment & Expression

kri.eight stands for „right heartfelt creative action“ rooting from the Sanskrit kṛ (kri) and
„eight“ describing the path to „freedom and balance“. There’s a strong focus on shifting global consciousness towards peace, unity, and spiritual awakening. We believe in the power of collective thoughts and heartfelt actions to bring about a new era of global harmony.



Frequently we support Organisations that drive meaningful global change in communities. Our focus is on initiatives that promote education, health, and sustainable development, ensuring a brighter future for those in need. 



ON A MISSION. Passionately driven by honest, profound, and value-driven self-expression that contributes to a better society, environment, and a peaceful future.



Love and Appreciation

that goes beyond our imagination!

I'm still speechless! The result of our collaboration is much stronger, more touching, powerful, and loving than I could have imagined - and you know how much I can imagine! And all this with heart, passion, and community power! What you did there with your team, wow! You artist, you visionary, you great and powerful soul. Let's do more of this "hot stuff" together!!!
Eli Perzlmaier, WOMEN'S HUB Founder & Visionary
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this wave of community and change possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support!
Robert Gladitz, THRIVE Founder & Visionary
I don't know anyone on earth who can feel your vision - the vision of another person, like you do, Saghi! I sincerely appreciate your support and what impact I created by getting my vision out there. I was always dreaming of this moment happening. THANK YOU!
Amber Caudle, Chef Amber & Visionary

About the visionary kri.eightor

Founder, Creator, Healer, Visionary


Saghi Sayyar combines over 20 years of expertise in film, personal branding, healing and transformational work to guide towards embodied Visionary Leadership and Authentic Expression.

In 2018, a transformative moment led her to step down from her full-time leadership role paving the way for a new dimension of lifestyle and business for herself and the visionaries she works with: kri.eight

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When people seek her guidance, they often come with a history of remarkable achievements and a background where creating a sustainable impact is second nature, known as high achievers and visionary leaders. The challenge for those with high potential or impressive track records is that each triumph raises the bar, especially when embarking on a new business venture or lifestyle direction. Despite past successes, we often find ourselves lacking the confidence, courage, clarity, and freedom to make pivotal decisions to reach the next level – whether in business, relationships, or personal growth. We can guide others flawlessly, yet we can’t see our own reflection without a mirror.

People come to Saghi for various reasons, but they leave with four key outcomes: more confidence, greater courage, enhanced clarity, and newfound freedom. For individual clients, this freedom means they can pursue their true desires with increased assurance and boldness. For community leaders, it involves cultivating a more engaging and vibrant culture.

AT THE CORE. On Paper, Saghi blends German, English, and Iranian. Her remarkable journey began in the 80s when she experienced the harsh realities of war in Iran as a child. Her Life story made her realize the immense power within each of us. An innate force to self-healing and shaping our reality through our inner creative imagery, beliefs, and aspirations. Saghi sees the Big Picture and takes heartfelt action that encourages hearts, liberates Bodies and inspires Souls to embody the boundless possibilities once we dare to create new insights and stories, ushering into a fresh, liberated, healed world.

That’s how she lives, loves and does business.

This is an expression of her very heart and soul – the same as it’s for all her visionary Clients with their unique Soul Essence and entrepreneurial Spirit!

What this transformation looks like for you will be unique. Let’s discover it together.

Make your Vision visible!

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