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Make Your VISION Visible

the Ones who Create new inSight
are the Ones who Create a new World.

Kri.eight roots from sanskrit kṛ (kri) which stands for „right action“. The symbolic eight represents new creation, abundance and balance.

About the Founder

Saghi Sayyar

(she/her) Executive Producer, Film Direction & Concept | Holistic Vision emBodiment Coaching

Saghi is working in the film and media industry for 15 years, focusing on creating, producing, and implementing cross-media campaigns with exceptional concepts. Until 2018 she worked in a leading position as Head of Producing Department for Corporate film, marketing & communication for well-known corporations.

In 2019 she made a radical conscious shift and founded her own film production company kri.eight. Since then, she has dedicated her work to a clear goal: honest, meaningful, and value-oriented communication for conscious Entrepreneurs and Visionaries. With a network of passionate creatives, she internationally produces heartfelt Documentaries, Online Formats as well as unique Brand Essence Portraitfilms that 


Saghi is convinced that it’s our inner images that tell our stories and shape the outside reality. If we Create new inSIGHT, we can create a new World.

In her Holistic Vision emBodiment Coaching Programs, Saghi teaches and guides you to FEEL YOUR WHY and EMBODY YOUR VISION. Her clients are Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, and Change-Makers who carry their Vision into the world with EASE, GRACE & BALANCE, creating an even more profound impact.

As a Persian-British-German Visionary herself, she loves merging different facets and absorb the essence of them. Thus, she combines her expertise in powerful Creation with empowering coaching tools and body, energy & breathwork. Her extraordinary Clear Abstraction Skill absorbs the essence putting all fragments of every complex issue together in a meaningful way. 

Saghi lives and embodies her Vision and goes very passionately for a healed world, inside and out.