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We don’t Predict the Future. We kri.eight it!

kri.eight stands for „heartfelt creative action,“ rooted in the Sanskrit word kṛ (kri), with „eight“ symbolizing the path to freedom and balance. Our focus is on shifting global consciousness towards peace, unity, and awakening. We believe in the power of collective insights and heartfelt actions to usher in a new era of global harmony.



Visibility for Initiatives promoting education, health, and sustainable development.



There is no dead end on the roads less traveled to manifest a healed world – inside and out.

About the visionary Founder

Visionary Changemaker for a Healed World

Saghi Sayyar is a multi-faceted visionary entrepreneur and heartfelt changemaker with over two decades of expertise in film, marketing, and transformational growth. Her mission is clear: to bridge inner healing and outward success through authentic expression, visionary leadership, and empowerment.

In 2018, Saghi experienced a profound shift that led her to step away from her role as Head of Film & Marketing. This audacious move allowed her to embark on a journey of radical honesty, heartfelt creativity, and authentic creation, culminating in kri.eight. Her initiative focuses on „better-world“ brand awareness. Together with social business owners, visionary entrepreneurs, experts and changemakers, Saghi distills the essence of each story to create powerful, resonant narratives and make Visions visible.

Saghi’s work extends beyond storytelling and brands. As a trauma-informed body energy healer, speaker, and author, she dedicates herself to empowering woman, especially female entrepreneurs. She guides them on their path to healing and vision embodiment, helping them lead balanced and fulfilling lives. Her unique approach combines personal and professional growth, making her a sought-after Mentor in the field.

Her dedication to female empowerment as a trusted advisor and passionate host and mentor at WOMEN’S HUB, an international community for female empowerment. Saghi’s vision includes the creation of WOMEN’S HUB IRAN, an initiative she plans to launch as soon as there is a #freeiran, aiming to extend the impact globally.

Saghi shares her insights on self-healing, leadership, vision embodiment, and the primal power of femininity. Her story and work are a beacon of inspiration for those seeking transformative growth and an authentic lifestyle & business.

Discover more about Saghi Sayyar and be inspired by her transformative vision for a healed world – inside and outside.

Love and Appreciation

that goes beyond our imagination!

I'm still speechless! The result of our collaboration is much stronger, more touching, powerful, and loving than I could have imagined - and you know how much I can imagine! And all this with heart, passion, and community power! What you did there with your team, wow! You artist, you visionary, you great and powerful soul. Let's do more of this "hot stuff" together!!!
Eli Perzlmaier, WOMEN'S HUB Founder & Visionary
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this wave of community and change possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support!
Robert Gladitz, THRIVE Founder & Visionary
I don't know anyone on earth who can feel your vision - the vision of another person, like you do, Saghi! I sincerely appreciate your support and what impact I created by getting my vision out there. I was always dreaming of this moment happening. THANK YOU!
Amber Caudle, Chef Amber & Visionary

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